Kitchen Beauticians: Savannah James And Other Celeb Moms Who've Shown Us How They Care For Their Kids' Hair

Chances are, you’ve already seen the mesmerizing video of Savannah James, wife of LeBron, flat ironing, trimming and showcasing the length of daughter Zuri’s gorgeous hair. The end result is some incredibly healthy hair, falling down the back of the 7-year-old. As Savannah shares, while she is not a professional, her regimen for Zuri “has gotten us to these lengths through the last 7 years.”

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Her magical hands made us think of other celebrity moms over the years who have shown us their process for caring for their children’s hair. Like singer Ciara, who has been braiding hair since she was a teenager. She creates some fun styles for both her 4-year-old daughter Sienna and her 7-year-old son Future. She says doing hair is still one of her passions.

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And she’s been filmed in the process of putting cornrows in baby girl’s hair:

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Serena Williams considers braiding daughter Alexis’s hair to be a time of bonding.

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And we know the 4-year-old stays with the cutest cornrows and plaits:

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And then there’s Keke Wyatt. Doing the hair of her kids is part of her routine.

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She takes fans inside her wash day regimen, trying out new products on their curls and coils.

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And while Porsha Williams gets some help with hair care for her daughter Pilar Jhene, she learned how to create son fun, cute styles for her (and her baby hairs).

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And Teyana Taylor has shown the proper art of styling baby hair, teaching husband Iman that it’s all about using a toothbrush and the right amount of styling gel.

Doing hair, for famous moms and everyday mothers, can be a time to get acquainted with your child’s hair and to show it some tender love and care. And Williams put it, it’s also a great opportunity to bond with your not-so-little babies. Shout out to all the kitchen beauticians making magic happen on the heads of their kiddos!

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