Kylie Took Stormi to the Aquarium and the Pics Are SO Cute

Bad news: It’s only Wednesday, which means you have to endure three more full work days until the weekend bothers to roll around, only to betray you with yet another Monday. Good news: Kylie Jenner hit up Instagram and posted some very cute family photos of herself and Travis Scott taking their daughter Stormi to the aquarium.

Prepare to be significantly less grumpy about the Wednesday-ness of your life after looking at this picture:

And exciting update, this one features some cute fish:

Kylie and Travis are currently traveling around the country for the Astroworld Tour (and dealing with some nasty fake rumors while they’re at it), but it looks like they’ll be heading back to Los Angeles in time for the holidays. Which they’ll presumably spend with their friends, families, and Santa Claus, as ya do!

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