Kylie & Travis’ Relationship Is Apparently Better Than Ever Right Now & The Evidence Is There

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are new parents to their daughter, Stormi Webster. And to hear those close to them tell it, Stormi has made Jenner and Scott closer than ever. An unnamed source told E! News that with Stormi, "Kylie and Travis are currently in the best place they have ever been in their relationship."

The source continued, "Things really came full circle once Stormi was born, and they now have an unbreakable bond." The source also shared that Scott "helps a lot at night" with the baby, and that he’s been super devoted to Jenner ever since Stormi was born.

Jenner and Scott took Stormi on a family vacation recently, and the photos of the three of them together are too adorable. The trio went to Turks and Caicos, and Jenner shared plenty of photos from the trip on her Instagram. There are images of the happy couple looking seriously in love, as well as several cute photos of Stormi. Visiting Turks and Caicos definitely isn’t a bad way for the baby to start her life, either, and Stormi is clearly surrounded by love.

And if the trip to Turks and Caicos wasn’t enough, Jenner and Scott also had a lavish celebration for Scott’s 26th birthday. Jenner rented out an entire Six Flags for the couple and their guests. It’s a genius idea, really — after all, the worst part of visiting theme parks is the inevitable wait for each ride. And in case that wasn’t extravagant enough, Jenner also had a custom-created birthday cake for Scott that showed the couple and Stormi riding a roller coaster.

Jenner gushed about Scott during a recent conversation with her sister Kim Kardashian, published in the U.K.’s Evening Standard. When Kardashian asked Jenner who her "favorite musician of all time" was, Jenner said that it’s Scott. "I really love everything about it [the music]. The way it makes you feel," Jenner said of her boyfriend’s work. "I just feel like I relate a lot to it now, and it’s just fun. And he has music for every occasion. Whether you’re just driving in the car, or you’re in the club, or… yes."

Scott and Jenner welcomed Stormi in February, after an incredibly private pregnancy. Jenner didn’t even confirm the fact that she was pregnant until after Stormi’s arrival, leading to lots of speculation among fans. But since Stormi was born, Jenner has been open with her fans about parenting and has shared plenty of updates about her daughter.

During the Evening Standard interview, Kardashian also asked her sister about the "challenging" parts of being a new parent, and Jenner said that there haven’t really been many for her. "I feel like it’s just been so amazing, and so much fun," Jenner told her sister. "I’m learning so much more about myself and life, and it’s been such a great experience." Jenner also shared that she thinks about her daughter "all the time" and that she can’t wait until Stormi is a little older, so that she can "bring her everywhere."

It sounds like Jenner loves being a mom, and she has Scott’s support every step of the way. Jenner and Scott may have only been together for just over a year — reports about them dating started circulating last April — but it sounds like they’ve got an awesome relationship going. Stormi has two parents who are devoted to her every need, and she’s definitely growing up surrounded by love.

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