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SUMMER may still be deciding whether it is here or not – but we have had a fair few muggy days.

Even so, you don’t need pricey air conditioning units or fancy fans to cool your home, here are some chilled-out savings . . .

  • BLINDING IDEA: Sunshine through your windows can turn your home into a greenhouse. Avoid feeling like a pot plant by getting blackout blinds, which block sunlight and help to regulate room temperature. White blinds are best for keeping out the heat — John Lewis’s start at just £8.
  • OUT COLD: Swap your duvet for a top sheet — get one in B&M from £4.99. If you’re really suffering, Marks & Spencer has cooling mattress protectors from £25 — far cheaper than those at Dunelm, from £44. You could even pop a hot water bottle in the freezer to take to bed with you.
    SAVING: £19
  • SHOWER THING: Avoid super-hot showers — they can overheat you and will fill your bathroom with steam, making your home even more muggy. Turning the water temperature down is an easy way to dehumidify — and save on your energy bill.
  • FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Using the oven or hob will heat up your kitchen. Stick to the grill or switch to cold, tapas-style dinners. Aldi’s Antipasto Selection is a great summer evening snack, and at just £1.69 it is far cheaper than options available at Waitrose for £7.49.
    SAVING: £5.80
  • N-ICE TRICK: This simple hack is one of my favourites. Buy a cheap fan — Home Bargains currently has them reduced from £14.99 to £11.99 — and place a bowl of ice in front of it for a lovely waft of freezing air.
    SAVING: £3

Deal of the day

SPRUCE up your garden for summer – the Qualcast 20V cordless lawnmower and trimmer kit is now £99 at Homebase, was £149.

SAVE: £50

Cheap treat

BOOMBEATZ’ Bluetooth karaoke microphone is so much fun at parties. It’s just £5 at B&M, down from £9.99.

SAVE: £4.99

My Sun Savers fiver

CLARE HEFFILL, of Bracknell, Berks, says: “I’m saving my Sun Savers fivers to put towards my dear husband’s 90th birthday in August.”

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Top swap

GIN lovers, listen up! Marks & Spencer’s £6 slogan gin glass is a great alternative to John Lewis’ £15 party piece.

SAVE: £9

Readers's saving tip

JANET ROGERS, of Hornchurch, Essex, says: “When flying, travel in heavy items like jeans and trainers to allow extra space in the suitcase and avoid paying for more luggage.”

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Shop and save

HERE is a sweet deal – Hartley’s strawberry jelly pots are perfect for lunchboxes. Iceland is selling 3 for £1, usually 50p each.

SAVE: 50p

Hot right now

NEW customers can get 50 per cent off any hair or beauty service at Rush salons this month. For more information, visit rush.co.uk.

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