‘L&HH: Atlanta’ Recap: Sierra Attacks Keely At Tokyo’s Album Party

Holy drama, ‘Love & Hip Hop!’ On the May 7 episode of ‘L&HH: Atlanta,’ Sierra and Keely get into a nasty and very physical fight at Tokyo’s album release party!

Momma Dee is a little surprised by the recovery process of her surgeries. She’s home and doing well. She thinks Nurse Bae is knocking on her door, but it’s actually her son, Scrappy! He’s traveled up from Miami to check on his mom. When they sit down to talk, she admits she’s a little hurt that he didn’t tell her that he was eloping with Bambi. But then he tells her that Bambi’s pregnant, so all is forgiven.

Tokyo is planning her album release party and some drama. She wants to start drama with Keely by having Keely’s baby daddy, Bleu DaVinci, at the party. When Bleu shows up to the studio, Tokyo tells him about Keely’s new boyfriend, K. Botchey. Bleu doesn’t want to start drama. He just wants to be a part of his kid’s life.

Speaking of K. Botchey, he is pissed that Keely didn’t reveal to him that Bleu is the father of her child. K. Botchey works with Bleu, so this makes things a little awkward. “Just to be clear, Botchy never asked me who my son’s father was. Since Bleu is such a non-factor in my life, I never felt the need to bring it up,” Keely explains. They get into a screaming match, and Keely tells Botchey to get out. He tells her that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to come to Tokyo’s party.

Scrappy goes golfing with Scrappy and Stevie J, and he decides to tell the boys that he has a baby on the way. But he’s supposed to keep it a secret! Meanwhile, Jessica Dime gets a surprise visitor — her mom! They have a complicated relationship, but her mom says she’s proud of Jessica and how far she’s come. That’s when Jessica reveals she’s pregnant.

At Tokyo’s party, Karlie is not a fan of Yung Joc hovering around her, especially now that she has a new boyfriend. Bleu and K. Botchey talk about the baby at the party. Bleu admits he hasn’t seen his son in 18 months. By the end of the convo, Bleu and K. Botchey are bros. Keely walks into the party, much to the shock of everyone. Bleu and Keely get into a fight at the party. “I just want to see my f**king child,” he screams at Keely. He wants to talk to her about seeing their kid after the party. After the Bleu drama blows over, Keely starts to think maybe Karlie and Tokyo had something to do with this party blowup.

Sierra sees Keely getting into it with Karlie when she walks in. Keely and Sierra exchange barbs, with Sierra saying that her friend Crystal is actually K. Botchey’s girlfriend. When Keely fires back, that sends Sierra over the edge. She lunges at Keely and hits her with her purse! Security pounces on everyone to try and break it up. Talk about getting nasty!

Later, Tokyo confesses that she’s still a virgin. Scrappy admits to Bambi that he told Stevie J, Yung Joc, and his mom about the baby. Bambi then goes to dinner with Scrappy’s mom, Rasheeda, and Tammy. Karlie’s boyfriend, Sean, tells her that the fight at Tokyo’s party was ridiculous. Right after Tokyo came clean about being a virgin, she slams Tobias for hanging out with his ex and walks away. Are they over?!

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