Lidl launches a new range of healthy protein-packed snacks

Sound familiar? Lidl launches a range of healthy protein snacks from just 45p – with IDENTICAL names to trendy Graze boxes that cost twice as much

  • Lidl’s new range of snacks launched on Friday and includes balls, bars and trays 
  • Lidl’s new four snack punnets have exactly the same names as four Graze items
  • They are all very similar snacks too with near-identical nutritional values 
  • Lidl’s snack trays cost 69p while Graze’s cost £1.25, almost twice as much

Lidl has launched a range of healthy protein snacks from just 45p each – and they bear exactly the same names as the high-end Graze products that appear to have inspired them.

Lidl’s new collection of snacks, which were in stores from Friday, includes protein balls, raw fruit and nut bars and snack trays that bear more than a close resemblance to Graze’s distinctive snacking punnets, which cost twice the price.

In fact, Lidl’s four new ‘Alestro’ snacking trays have exactly the same names as four Graze products:  Spicy Siracha Crunch, Punchy Protein Nuts, Smokehouse BBQ Crunch, and Veggie Protein Power.

Lidl has launched a new range of healthy protein snacks with identical names to trendy Graze products, including a Veggie Protein Power snack tray that has exactly the same name as Graze’s very similar product

Lidl’s Spicy Sriracha Crunch costs 69p, and is said to be high in fibre. It contains 118 calories. Graze’s existing product has exactly the same name, indicating Lidl used Graze as its inspiration for its new range

Lidl’s four new snack trays, which range in size between 26g and 41g, cost 69p each while Graze’s punnets are priced at £1.25. 

They even have similar nutritional values. Graze’s Veggie Protein Power box contains  133 calories, while Lidl’s identically-named box contains 134 kcal.

Lidl’s Smokehouse BBQ Crunch contains 130 calories, while Graze’s contains 137 kcal per box. 

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Lidl also has another snack tray called Punchy Protein Nuts. It appears to have been inspired by Graze’s very similar product of the same name

Lidl’s Smokehouse BBQ Crunch is said to be high in fibre. That claim is also made by Graze of its identically-named product, which is where Lidl may have got their inspiration from

Lidl and Graze have been approached for comment.

Lidl’s range also includes 99p protein balls in Cacao & Orange, Goji & Coconut, and Peanut Butter flavours.

Graze also has a Peanut Butter Protein Ball product, but this time, the two items have different names.  

Lidl has also launched three 35g raw fruit and nut bars in Bakewell Tart, Cacao & Orange, and Cashew Crush for 45p each, which will be available in stores next week.

Lidl has also released a range of protein balls in three flavours, including peanut butter. It also has goji berry and coconut flavour and a cacao and orange flavour (right)

The snacks will be stored by the Lidl tills, as part of the supermarket’s Healthier Checkout initiative.  

Lukas Schmidlin, head of buying for Lidl UK, said: ‘We’re excited to bring this diverse range of protein-based snacks to our popular Alesto range. 

‘At Lidl we are committed to bringing a healthy variety of snacks to market as demonstrated by our existing dried fruit and nut offering, providing high-fibre, gluten-free alternatives where possible.’

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