LinkedIn adds new feature to help explain career breaks

LinkedIn is adding a feature that will encourage users to highlight any gaps in their CVs.

The corporate-centric social media network says it wants to help normalise taking breaks from the working world.

After all, some people take breaks because they want to, while others may find themselves forced to – either way, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Users will be able to add a career break to the ‘Experience’ section of their profiles, right next to previous jobs.

Career break types available to choose from will include things like personal goal pursuit, travel, voluntary work, caregiving, full-time parenting and lay-offs.

You’re able to add these career breaks online and in the app from today, Tuesday March 1.

LinkedIn has added this feature after senior product manager Camilla Han-He says the company started hearing from more people who wanted a way to highlight breaks from the working world.

‘The goal here is to be able to provide space for people to share more context and colour about how these experiences have helped them grow and develop skills that are valuable in life and at work,’ she said.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the nature of parenting, motherhood, and gender inequality of housework on average, career breaks are more common among women.

Citing a January survey, LinkedIn said that 64% of women globally have taken a career break, with that percentage being higher in the US, and roughly 70% of women said taking a break from their jobs helped them figure out what they really want.

The company is also going to start offering free online courses this month to help people get back into the swing of things after a career break.

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