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YOU could slash £15 off your energy bill this summer by using one simple trick that takes seconds.

All you need to do is draw your curtains when it's warm – it helps to block the hot sun and keep the room cool.

There are a few handy tricks you may not know about which could slash your bills this summer.

According to Nicholas Auckland, energy expert from Trade Radiators, if you simply keep your curtains drawn when it's warm you could save up to £15 over the three summer months.

He says: "This helps keep the hot sun out, preventing it from heating up your home for days on end.

"This could prevent you from needing to use an electric fan, which costs around £15 to use continually in the summer."

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Similarly, if we keep our windows closed then the hot air cannot enter our room and heat up the room.

And that's not the only easy hack to try out if you want to save some money.

For example, applying reflective window film to your windows can reduce the cost of cooling down your home by a huge 50%.

That's because they stop your windows from heating up by blocking the sun's glare.

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So if you were to run a standard portable air conditioner for 12 hours a day over the four months in summer, adding the reflective window film could save you a massive £250.

When we checked, you can buy a roll of film for just £6.49 from Amazon.

Don't forget to factor in added delivery costs though.

How else can I cut down on bills?

There are a few other tips Mr Auckland had to offer.

They're all just as easy to do.

For example, using LED lightbulbs could save you up to £15 throughout summer.

Over the year, they could help you slash £55 off your bills.

That's if you replaced every room in your home with energy-efficient LED lightbulbs from standard or incandescent ones

Installing the likes of LEDs will keep rooms well-lit while decreasing your energy bills each year.

They use 90% less energy than traditional bulbs, according to EDF.

LED lightbulbs also last longer than traditional bulbs, saving on maintenance costs. 

You can get bulbs for £5 from Wilko, for example.

Also, you should also defrost your freezer compartment regularly – if you don't it could also cost more money.

That's because when ice builds up, it increases the amount of work your freezer’s motor needs to do to keep your food cool. 

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To avoid the problem, watch out for a build up of ice (you'll probably notice it when one of the drawers jams) and take this as a sign you're due a defrost.

For more advice on how to save on bills, have a look at our guide.

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