Man Helplessly Films All Three of His Cars Get Totaled As Police Chase Ends in His Driveway

… and two of ’em were classics.

Imagine being so unlucky that your car gets collateral damaged in a police chase. Now, multiply that by three.

A Californian man has captured the moment all three of his vehicles were totaled when a police chase ended up right in his front yard.

The jaw-dropping footage shared aptly on the subreddit IdiotsInCars shows Nick W’s garage security camera, perfectly positioned to record a black pick-up truck being pursued by the cops.

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The truck barrels towards his home, which is unfortunately situated on a T-junction, featuring right and left turns that truck is going WAY too fast to have any hope of negotiating.

Ploughing straight through the intersection, the truck smashes into Nick’s truck parked outside his home — but it’s not done there. The chased vehicle flips on its side and continues on its perfect trajectory to total two more of Nick’s cars, parked and covered in his driveway.

A trailer parked between them gets a battering into the bargain, too, while the garage door was wrecked.

“I was asleep and woke up to my house shaking, don’t remember hearing anything but my neighbors all did,” Nick wrote.

“I live in southern California so I just thought it was an earthquake until I saw the cops lights and heard them yelling.”

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He revealed later that his insurance was only covering two of the three cars — and not the trailer; The male driver, he added, “of course had no insurance.”

Worse still, the cars hidden beneath the covers in the driveway were both classics: a ’67 convertible, and a ’64 1/2 coupe.

One eagle-eyed commenter pointed out a small possible boon: the “stolen” TV in the back of the truck had been flung onto the hood of one of his cars… had it survived?

“Box was f–king empty!” Nick lamented.

Another commenter watching the video had a lifelong fear justified: “Wow. I’ve always been worried living at the end of the street in an intersection. Glad no one was hurt.”

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