Man Released from Prison After WNBA Star Put Career on Hold to Help Overturn Wrongful Conviction

The four-time WNBA champion announced her hiatus from basketball in 2019, and in September of that year said on Instagram that she was “dedicating [her] life to freeing Jonathan the same way [she] dedicated [her]self to each game in the WNBA.” She later said she would extend her break for a second year.

Moore helped bring attention and awareness to Irons’ case, and she also helped fund the hiring of defense attorney Kent Gipson, the Times reported.

“People don’t want to watch a fixed game, they want to watch a fair game, and so that’s all we’re asking for, in our justice system – let’s be fair,” Moore told GMA.

Irons, meanwhile, told the morning show he was “absolutely elated and thankful” to be free. He said he spent his first night out of prison enjoying pizza with his friends and family.

“There’s a lot to adjust to out here, and I’m going to take it slow,” he said. “I’m surrounded by people I know who love me and have my best interests in mind, so I’m going to listen to them and study and learn all I can.”

Irons said that when he finds time, he hopes to become an advocate for people who are less fortunate and help people with their cases just as Moore did for him.

“There’s so much greater coming in the horizon, and I see it,” he said. “Even in the darkness, I was able to see it. I want people to have hope from this story. ‘Cause we’re in dark times. We’ve got to keep going, we’ve got to keep the faith.”

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