Man sets world record for chugging 2-liter bottle of soda in under 20 seconds

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Instead of a Wheaties box, this guy should get his face on a soda bottle.

Guinness World Records has confirmed that a world record has been set for the fastest time to drink two liters of soda. The record was set by a Youtuber who has a channel where, appropriately enough, he drinks various amounts and types of soda as fast as he can.

Shot of 2 liter sodas

Eric “Badlands” Booker set the world record after chugging a twoliter container in just 18.45 seconds. The record was recently confirmed by the Guinness World Records blog.

Booker, who is also a rapper, actually drank the soda (a sugar-free cola) back in May in Seldan, New York. He actually drank the soda out of a jar with the measurements labeled on the side, as opposed to a regular two-liter bottle.

Not surprisingly, after chugging that much soda, Booker apparently let out a massive burp.

Aside from soda, Booker takes on various eating challenges on his channel. He’s also a competitive eater and is ranked 23rd in the Major League Eating’s rankings.

According to Guinness, there are still several other drinking-related records that Booker could also attempt to break. Just this year, a man in Germany set a new record for the fastest time to drink a Capri Sun after downing one of the packets in just 14.30 seconds.

Last year, a man in Wisconsin drank a liter of gravy in 38.22 seconds, earning himself a world record. Another New Yorker set the record for drinking a bottle of syrup in 10.84 seconds in 2017.

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