Man takes landscape photo – before noticing y detail

Man takes stunning landscape photo – before noticing unlikely detail in the background

  • Gavin Best took the impressive snap while walking in Belfast with friends
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A man has revealed how a stunning landscape photo he snapped contains an unlikely background detail.

According to the Mirror, Gavin Best was walking with friends on Cavehill in Belfast one New Year’s Eve, when he shot the impressive image.

Despite his lack of prep and set up, the 43-year-old captured a perfect image, featuring impressive framing, lighting and composition.

But it was not until later, when he was examining the photo, that Gavin noticed an unlikely detail in the background.

While taking the image, and completely by chance, he had captured a person in the distance at an unexpected moment. 

The stunning photograph taken by Gavin Best, of Cavehill in Belfast, contains an unexpected detail which he only noticed later

According to Gavin (pictured), it was ‘only a few days later when [he] was looking through the photos on [his] laptop that [he] noticed something’

According to Gavin: ‘When I looked at the photos afterwards on my mobile I didn’t spot anything; it was only a few days later when I was looking through the photos on my laptop that I noticed something over there, so I zoomed in.’

Zooming into the image shows a person in the background, but what is most interesting, is the person’s pose.

In a total coincidence, Gavin snapped his shot at the exact moment the stranger was jumping into the air, presumably for another photo.

A close-up of that part of the image shows the unidentified figure mid jump, with their arms and legs splayed. 

Writing on X (formerly Twitter) he said: ‘Took this photo a few days ago. Just spotted something in the distance and zoomed in. How’s that for coincidental timing?’ 

Another social media user said the image was ‘such a good one’, assuming it wasn’t ‘a set up’.

Gavin replied, confirmed that capturing the stranger in the photo was indeed total chance, and not a set-up.

He explained that he ‘couldn’t even see anyone over there’ at the time. 

Zooming into the photo showed a mysterious figure in the background – coincidentally captured mid jump – presumably doing so for another shot

The mysterious character appears close to the edge of the hill, quite some distance from the camera. 

This prompted one worried social media user to ask whether the person may have been attempting to ‘jump off the cliff’.

However, Gavin reassured them, noting that ‘the next couple of photos showed people up there’.

As well as taking his unlikely photo, the snapper also enjoyed the outing, he said in a separate Tweet.

Gavin wrote: ‘That’s on top of Cavehill in Belfast, by the way. It’s quite a yomp up there, but amazing to get a walk like that so close to the city centre.’ 

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