‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Amber Claims Matt’s ‘High AF’ As He Runs From A Lie Detector Test

Amber Portwood didn’t get the answers she was looking for during the May 4 episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’, as Matt left the house just before the cast took lie detector tests.

During the May 4 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, Amber Portwood accused her ex-fiance, Matt Baier, of being “f***ing high” when she confronted him outside the house. He was trying to make a hasty exit before the cast was asked to take lie detector tests, even though he denied that being the reason for his exit. “Why are you leaving on lie detector test day?” the Teen Mom OG star asked him. “It has nothing to do with that,” he told her. Sadly for Matt, Amber didn’t believe him. “Oh yeah? You look pretty f***ing high right now,” she said before continually asking him why he was leaving on lie detector test day. But he said she should be focusing on mending her relationship with her mom, as their relationship had already hit its breaking point.

“Listen, you’re high as f*** right now. I can see it in your eyes. You’re leaving on lie detector test day because you know you wouldn’t f***ing pass. So get the f*** out. Bye,” Amber said before walking away. Later, when discussing the situation with her mom, Amber said, he “had a chance to show me a different side of him here and he decided to be M.I.A. It looked like he popped a couple pills.” Yikes.

Interestingly, Amber’s mom Tonya was also accused of abusing painkillers and alcohol later in the episode. Tonya was spotted slurring her words and such, and when the lie detector test administrator asked her how many pain pills she had taken that day, she said 3. She insisted it was the amount she was prescribed, but Dr. V and Dr. Ish suspected she was lying. In fact, she was so “inebriated” that her lie detector test came back inconclusive. One of the proctors said that if he had been a police officer and she was driving in the condition she took her test in, he would have sent her to jail.

When Tonya was confronted about it, she called it a “drug thing”, as though it was something the producers were making up for ratings. Amber, however, urged her to stop drinking while on her medication. Especially because Amber didn’t get any of the answers she was looking for due to Matt’s exit and Tonya’s “inconclusive results”.

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