McDonald’s worker overwhelmed by £5.5k ‘prison order’ featuring 3,800 burgers

A McDonald's employee has shared a huge order featuring 6,400 items that she and her colleagues had to prep in just four hours.

Brittani Curtis, who works at the fast food giant in US, filmed the behind-the-scenes as the staff worked on churning out the order, which cost about $7,400 (£5,500).

She claimed in the video that it was "no lie", adding: "When a customer calls and says they need 1,600 McChicken, 1,600 McDoubles and 3,200 cookies in four hours…"

In the 22-second clip, she showed the burgers being piled up in large paper boxes – one for McChicken burgers and and two for McDoubles burgers.

All 3,200 cookies are placed in an individual paper bag as she pans the camera across the kitchen.

While Brittani didn't show the process of making the burgers, fans noticed a stack of boxes near the counter, which were presumably holding the burgers and cookies.

Brittani said the order was so much that the team had two people keeping count with a calculator.

She also revealed: "We have two ovens, each can hold four trays 15 [burgers] and they have two minutes total for each tray. Assembly lines and dedication."

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Some fans asked if the customer turned up for the order, Brittani said: "They did! We were not making anything until they paid. We do business with them a lot. They're very credible.

"It's usually never such short notice though."

One said: "Is this for a homeless shelter? Who would order that much food?"

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"A local prison," Brittani wrote. "The last few times, if I'm remembering right, was because of holidays. But I'm not sure the exact reason…"

A second questioned if the staff close the store temporarily to prepare the order, but Brittani said it's "business as usual".

"We had someone on the table making sandwiches and then jumping back to make the large order," she added.

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