McDonald’s worker spills beans on what makes someone the ‘worst customer ever’

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A McDonald's worker has playfully explained who the "worst customer ever" is by acting out her most annoying experience at the drive-thru.

In the clip, made by TikTok user @benitajadah, she pretends to be a rude customer driving up to the kiosk with the music blaring, hitting her with unwanted pick-up lines.

Next, they obnoxiously say their order without even a single please or thank you.

"Gimme gimme gimme," she mocks.

The "worst customer ever" then asks their six mates if they want anything too, further holding up the line.

When all the food is ready to be paid for they say they have vouchers so the whole order has be processed though the till again.

With the massive order finally ready, the customer says: "Ohh I forgot my wallet."

"Follow me if you feel my struggle," Benita says with an exasperated voice.

The video was a huge hit on the video-sharing app, with more than 82,000 "likes" and hundreds of comments from amused customers and ex-staffers.

Many other aggrieved Maccies workers started sharing their horror stories in the comments section too.

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"I had someone throw a cup at me the other day we were short staffed and there was only me and two other people," wrote one woman.

Naming their pet peeve, a second viewer commented: "And when they drive up to the window and don’t even their money ready.

"Is it just me or am I miserable?"

"When the customer in the passenger seat is ordering," chimed in another fan.

A fourth moaned: "The one who screams HELLO 0.01 milliseconds after pulling up to the speaker."

This comes after another McDonald's staffer made a behind-the-scenes video explaining how the burgers can be built so quickly – with his hands a blur as the bap is assembled.

And a mum has defended giving her six-month-old baby McDonald's as a "treat" after trolls accused her of bad parenting.

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