Meet the five abandoned dogs who are looking forward to a YAPPY XMAS

Yappy Christmas! This time last year, these dogs were abandoned by callous owners – but thanks to their soulful eyes and waggy tails, they each have a loving new owner to care for them

These are some of the charming dogs who were rescued by kind-hearted people after they were dumped last year by their callous original owners. From across the country, the pets who faced a bleak future are now living a wonderful life… 

‘He’s our perfect little menace’

Charity fundraiser Alex Drewett, 28, from near Scunthorpe found Lenny, pictured, discarded at an abandoned dog centre aged only nine-weeks old

Alex Drewett, 28, a charity fundraiser, lives near Scunthorpe with her husband, Ray, 32, a project manager, and their two dogs, George, a Patterdale terrier, and one-year-old Jack Russell, Lenny.

Lenny was an unwanted Christmas present last year, discarded at a dog rescue centre when he wasn’t even nine weeks old. It was so sad.

This year, however, he’s in for a much happier time. He’ll wake up, open his gifts and eat his favourite scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Then my family will bring their dogs round — and he’ll exhaust himself running about playing with them.

It’s a far cry from a year ago, when he was brought to the Jerry Green Dog Rescue. A lady with mobility problems had been given him as a Christmas present, but she couldn’t offer him the life he needed.

Though we had been looking for another dog, at first I said no to Lenny. I knew I couldn’t take time off to settle him in at home — but then my manager gave permission for him to come to work while he got to know us.

He’s so cheeky and naughty in the funniest way. We love him to pieces — he’s a little menace, but he’s perfect.

‘I shower him with love’

Sue Roberts, 55, a foster carer, lives in Manchester with her crossbreed, Kai, one.

Kai is my first dog, and it’s breathtaking how much loyalty he shows me. He follows me everywhere — like a lovely little shadow.

I got him from the RSPCA after he’d been found abandoned with his siblings on December 30. They were barely ten weeks old, an act of cruelty I still find shocking.

The moment I saw Kai, I loved his little face with its intelligent, quizzical look.

On Christmas Day, Kai will be in the kitchen with my two cats, waiting for the turkey to come out of the oven. I try not to spoil him, but still shower him with love.

Sue Roberts, 55, from Manchester, found Kai, pictured, last year in an RSCPA rescue centre 

 ‘Snowy turned up on our doorstep’

Retired psychiatric nurse Ellie Daly from Cambridge discovered Snowy last January outside the back of her home

Ellie Daly is a retired psychiatric nurse who lives in Cambridge with her husband, Richard. They have three grown-up children and two dogs — 14-year-old labrador Asha and terrier Snowy, one.

Snowy came out of nowhere. My husband opened the back door one day in January and there she was, a ball of fluff.

When she was examined, there was no evidence of an identifying microchip, so we called the dog warden. When the warden arrived, we said we wanted her to stay.

But despite our attachment, they insisted she go to Wood Green animal sanctuary.

We wrote to them, imploring them to let us keep her. After a few checks, they agreed — and we were overjoyed.

This Christmas, Snowy will get some of our dinner and more toys, which she’ll no doubt chew up. And she’ll enjoy our grandchildren throwing her ball until she’s exhausted. It’s set to be a truly magical Christmas.

‘Hamish just wants cuddles’ 

Solicitor Katherine Stubbs, pictured, adopted Hamish in January after he was abandoned 

Katherine Stubbs, 53, a solicitor, lives in Haddenham, Bucks, with her lecturer husband, Mike, 57, children Tom, 23, and Tilly, 20, and West Highland terrier, Hamish.

Just as we were starting to think about replacing our first Westie rescue, who had died aged 16, Hamish came up on the Blue Cross website in January. 

After we applied to adopt him, we discovered he’d been found abandoned in a box with his ear and part of his tail cut off. 

I was worried that he might be nervous or aggressive because of his bad start in life, but he’s incredibly friendly.

Every evening, Hamish is treated to heaps of cuddles. Christmas will be no different. He’ll also get a special Christmas meal and gifts.

‘This Christmas, Hector will be spoiled rotten’ 

Megan Wright, 27, adopted Hector after moving into a new cottage near Bath with her partner Harry, 26

Megan Wright, 27, is an illustrator who lives near Bath with her partner, Harry, 26, and their lurcher, Hector, one.

This time last year, we’d been searching for a dog, but were struggling to make a choice. Our new cottage was perfect for a dog — but what type?

Then Hector appeared on the Blue Cross website last January — and we knew he was The One. He’d been found abandoned a few days after Christmas and was around four months old.

We travelled to meet him and knew immediately he was the right dog for us. He’s very quirky and so happy.

On Christmas Day, he will be spoiled rotten. I started making a stocking for his presents back in November!

I treat him like he’s my baby. All he wants is to cuddle and be loved. He’s part of the family.


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