Meghan & Harry’s Wedding Won’t Come Cheap — Here’s Who Pays For It

If you’re concerned for Meghan Markle’s family finances with her upcoming nuptials to a Prince, don’t worry. The bride’s family gets a break when it comes to completing all the invoices for the royal wedding, as tradition would suggest they take care of. With towering cakes built to feed a crowd of hundreds and floral arrangements to satisfy the standards of a Queen, you might wonder who pays for the royal wedding. It’s reportedly a toss up with fiscal responsibility split between families. Oh, and the taxpayers.

A royal wedding might not have too many DIY projects from Pinterest for the bride and her bridesmaids to complete a few days before the ceremony. As the past has proved, every procession, ceremony and reception is fit for a future royal. There are many more diamonds involved than the one your ring finger is ~rocking~. And while the jewels may be family heirlooms, precious tiaras call for security details. And security, to maintain the harmony of the event and protect the party, is where the taxpayers contribute their gift to the anticipated wedding.

According to CNN, when it came to the cost for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 2011 wedding security detail, "the final bill remains unknown, but the government provided the police with a special £3.6 million ($4.8 million) grant that was used to cover overtime pay for officers." The ceremony, for a future King, was held in London and hoarded a million people in the streets. Because the wedding will be held in Windsor Castle, there could be a reduced security detail meaning less of a financial responsibility from the taxpayers.

If you think that destination wedding you attended was expensive, Aimee Dunne, a London based wedding planner, tells CNN she can’t imagine Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding to cost less than $670,000; on the other end of the spectrum, UK-based wedding site Bridebook estimated the total cost for the wedding could soar as high as $2,758,019. But the large bill for the May 19 nuptials will mostly be footed by the Royal Family. An official statement from Kensington Palace announces, "As was the case with the wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, The Royal Family will pay for the core aspects of the wedding, such as the church service, the associated music, flowers, decorations, and the reception afterwards." But a few costs may land in the lap — or bank account — of Meghan Markle herself.

It was reported in 2011 that Duchess Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen wedding gown was paid for by the Middleton family. The long sleeved lace stunner was estimated to be worth $434,000, according to Town & Country. However, the ~exact~ price tag is not officially known. And you know what, some financial matters are to be kept within the family. When it comes turn for Meghan Markle to stroll down the aisle, it’s likely that she’ll don a gown that she covered the cost for. Hey, it’s a solid way to empower yourself on your wedding day.

Even though the cost of the May 19 wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will likely cost less than the nuptials between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, it’s sure to put a dent in a few wallets. However, don’t feel too bad for those responsible wallets. According to Reuters, the royal wedding "could provide a 500 million pound boost to Britain’s economy as tourists flock to the country and Britons celebrate." That translates to about $680 million. Which is a lot of money. Needless to say, businesses in Windsor, England will see a boost in revenue and England in general will be getting a swell in tourism.

Even though a royal wedding might require digging deep into pockets, it’s not the money that matters. It’s the exchange of vows, the first taste of cake, and the personal memories that are priceless.

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