Melania Trump: Will She Ever Explain Her Long Disappearance? The Truth

Melania Trump disappeared for nearly a month, but will she ever give an explanation for her absence? HollywoodLife learned where the First Lady stands on telling the public about her whereabouts.

Melania Trump, 48, vanished from the public eye after undergoing kidney surgery, and although she has since reemerged, people have been questioning her 24-day absence from the public eye. But don’t hold out for any formal explanation from the First Lady. “Melania doesn’t believe that she owes anyone an explanation for her movements, outside of the official statement that [Melania’s spokesperson Stephanie Grisham] issued on her behalf,” a source close to Melania tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

Our source continued: “Melania is a true pro at closing people down if they broach a subject she doesn’t want to talk about, and the health of her body is one such topic that she considers off limits; she flat out refuses to discuss her ‘disappearance’ as it’s her business, and her’s alone.”

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