Meme chef ‘Salt Bae’ opens restaurant as fans share eye-wateringly pricey bills

Chef Nusret Gökçe Erzurum, or more widely known as Salt Bae, has finally opened his first UK based restaurant.

Known for his steak, the chef broke the internet back in 2017 and was dubbed ‘Salt Bae’ instantly making him a meme.

Now officially opened, British foodies are sharing the bank-breaking cost to eat at the pricey London ‘Nusr-Et Steakhouse.’

Twitter user @Ffranciscodgf has shared their pricey bill after dining at the restaurant on the opening night.

Staggeringly, the bill totalled up to a massive £1,812.40.

The long receipt included a £630.00 ‘Giant Tomahawk’ steak, a £100.00 ‘Golden Burger’ and even £23.00 for a ‘Burrata Salad’.

Even a pot of sweetcorn will set you back £12.00.

The fine diner captioned the post: “Salt Bae is the world's greatest living artist.”

People in the comments were left shocked over the prices in the popular internet star's new food joint.

One person commented: “I'm sorry, £9 for a coke?”

Another person added: “You could buy two cows for 630 quid”

A third person noted: “I’m more angry that sweetcorn costs twelve quid!”

Someone else said: “If you're paying this much to eat in London you've either got more money than sense or you don't know where's good.”

However, some users were not surprised about the pricey receipt as one person added: “Has no one in these comments ever been to London?”

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