Miami’s bitcoin conference kicks off with Paris Hilton DJ set

Paris Hilton was back in the DJ booth to kick off the Bitcoin Convention in Miami, Fla.

Hilton spun tunes at E11EVEN — the first major nightclub in the US to accept cryptocurrency —to a crowd of techies who paid up to $25,000 for a table.

We hear Hilton, 40, who just sold an upcoming memoir, turned up in an all-gold outfit, with music star couple Lele Pons and Guaynaa, telling the crowd: “Miami I f–king love you guys, it’s so good to back! Are you guys having fun? Let’s party all night!”

During the evening, crypto deals were made.

We hear that Bradley Dahl, the founder of a new currency, called Military.Finance, bought a 9.5-carat diamond hat — a collaboration between the club and anonymous Instagram account Super Snake — for $50,000 worth of Bitcoin that was supposed to go up for auction during the conference.

We’re told Dahl is going to instead be auctioning off the hat himself to benefit veterans.

The Bitcoin conference has more than 20,000 attendees and features speakers from Jack Dorsey and Ron Paul to skateboarding icon, Tony Hawk.

But things were off to a rocky start. During Dorsey’s talk on Friday, alt-right personality Laura Loomer — who has been banned from the social media site after repeatedly violating guidelines — disrupted the event by heckling the Twitter boss over censorship.

Anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Loomer — who has also been banned by Uber and Lyft, Clubhouse, Paypal, Venmo and Facebook — had also interrupted Dorsey’s hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Committee in 2018.

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