Mike Birbiglia Sets Third Netflix Stand-Up Special

Mike Birbiglia has set a third stand-up special at Netflix.

The comedian is bringing his Broadway show “Mike Birbiglia: The New One” to the streamer, with a special set to launch on Nov. 26, 2019.

Filmed at the Cort Theater in Manhattan, the show sees Birbiglia blend observational and confessional comedy as he struggles with the existential question of whether he wants to bring a child into the world.

In his first stand-up special, “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend,” which debuted in the service in 2013, Birbiglia told the story of which led him to both believing and disbelieving in love. His second effort, “Thank God for Jokes,” premiered on Netflix in 2017 and featured him recounting stories about his life as a semi-famous comedian and filmmaker, reflecting on the meaning of good or bad jokes.

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