Model earns £70k from sexy snaps with mum & says ‘people think we’re sisters’

A model has raked in more than $100,000 (£70,000) in six months by selling sexy snaps – all with the help of her mother.

Riley Daniels, from Wisconsin, US, has a lucrative career on adult subscription site OnlyFans.

While she wasn’t earning much by posting sporadically in 2019, her fortunes changed when she found her niche and started making the platform a priority.

The 27-year-old, who goes by @rileydanielsxx on Instagram, offered to rate male fan’s penises in return for cash.

And after a cheeky request from an admirer, she roped in her 48-year-old mum Teresa* to help her score the todgers.

She revealed: “The men send us a few photos or even a video if they are feeling spicy, and we make a few minutes’ long audio or video detailing exactly what we think of their appendages.”

Riley added: “We also say what could be done to make it look more appealing and give it an overall score out of 10.”

The service became highly popular on OnlyFans and the pair soon started receiving more requests.

Riley explained: “We started offering the mother-daughter videos and they were super popular.

“My mum and I have a great time and my fans love the banter between us.

“Fans are always messaging me about my mum – I don’t mind, it feeds into the performance we do. We’re very cheeky.”

The duo have become a dream team and insist it isn’t awkward working together.

Riley said: “Lots of people will message saying they didn’t believe she is my actual mum or that they never thought we would be so funny.

“We are best friends so it made sense to work together as well."

And Teresa added: “I love working with Riley and getting to work from home with my daughter all day.

“I have learned many new skills in regards to social media and it's very exciting to see my daughter own her own business and thrive in such a competitive environment – especially in such a volatile time in our economy.

“It’s also nice to have Riley home, given everything going on in the world, I like knowing she is safe."

In total, Riley has made $100,000 (around £70,000) since last November, around 10% of which has come from penis rating videos alone.

As well as starring in her OnlyFans content, Teresa has become her daughter’s full-time assistant.

She is paid hourly and on commission to help with filming and editing – and together, the pair spend time answering DMs and chatting to their fans.

Riley said: “I have over 20,000 fans so it’s a full-time job making custom content, video calls, as well as making videos and photo sets to sell.

“My mum often helps with all the backend work like editing and making sets for my photoshoots while I work.”

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As Teresa is so young at heart, it’s no surprise that people mistake her for Riley’s sister.

The proud daughter said: “My mum is only 21 years older than me and we look a lot alike.

“Mum has bright red hair and when I used to dye it that shade to match, people would think we were sisters all the time.

“I am not shy about what I do and we definitely get looks [in town].

"I know quite a few people I went to high school with who have joined my page, but overall everyone has been pretty respectful.”

All the extra attention the mum and daughter are getting isn’t the only reason why they are chuffed with their professions.

Riley, who suffers from fibromyalgia, a disorder associated with chronic fatigue and widespread pain, says her career has been “life-saving”.

She added: “Fibromyalgia makes it hard to work a 9-5, which is one of the reasons I chose OnlyFans.

“It allows me to build a community that supports me and also allows me to take the time off when I need it, but still continue to produce content.

“I’m not even sure if my fans are aware that I have it as I can post and send videos from the comfort of my bed if I am having a bad day.

“It’s truly been a lifesaver for me to be able to have a job that allows me to work at my own pace and make the kind of money that I do – even on sick days.”

*Teresa is not the mum's real name.

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