More Pre-Black Friday Savings…This Time For the Whole Fam

When I first moved to New York, twenty some years ago, I remember feeling overwhelmed by the Macy’s in Times Square.  There were too many floors, too much to navigate…I felt that way on a regular Tuesday, so forget Black Friday!  Well, Thank God for the internet!  The website is totally manageable. It is not overwhelming in the least, so between the search engine and category tabs, I’m on my way.  The deep discounts have already begun, and the “low stock” warnings are in practically every department, so it’s a good idea to see what’s what now, especially if size and color are concerns. Below are just a few of the amazing discounts. I couldn’t get every category into this post, so no matter what you’re looking for, from cashmere to electronics, tennis bracelets to vacuums, the deals are there.  Enjoy! 

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