Morrisons is selling massive 1kg jar of Nutella for just £4 – The Sun

NUTELLA fans will be set for weeks thanks to Morrisons selling the giant one kilo jars for just £4 this week.

It's a price drop of 25 per cent and is sure to see the hazelnut spread being snapped up in bulk from supermarket shelves.

The family size jars of the popular hazelnut spread weigh in a whopping 1kg and can be snapped up online or in store.

The jars went on special today as part of Morrisons Special Offer, meaning they're only available as long as stocks last.

They're available at Morrisons and beats the usual £5.70 price tag.

Other supermarkets – Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco – are selling the 1kg jars for £5.70, meaning you'll save £1.71.

A smaller jar of 200g costs £1.70 at most supermarkets.

And Asda sells its own hazelnut spread for only 80p for 400g.

Nutella was created by the Ferrero family in the 1940s and it's sold in 160 countries.

Michele Ferrero was also the brains behind Ferrero Rocher, Tic Tacs, Kinder Surprise eggs and Mon Cheri cherry liqueurs.

He adapted the recipe originally created by his father Pietro, who added hazelnuts to chocolate when cocoa was rationed during World War II.

The price of Nutella has stirred emotions for a few years, and last year was not an exception.

In January, discounted Nutella jars caused riots after a French supermarket chain slashed the cost by 70 per cent.

The spread has also actually attracted criticism over the years because of its unhealthy sugar contents, equating to over 56 per cent of the whole jar.

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