Mother and daughter created vegan beauty brand using plant extract 

Intrepid mother-daughter duo launched a natural beauty brand inspired by tribes they met on their travels to Mozambique and Peru – and sales are already tipped to surpass £1MILLION

  • Marina Nubo and daughter Irina Fedotova set up BIO-Extracts together
  • Inspired by skincare rituals of tribes they met in remote corners of the earth 
  • A 100 per cent vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand it uses plant extracts 
  • Adaptable products mean that users can create a personalised skincare solution
  • Irina studied bioscience at degree level before deciding to head into beauty

A mother and daughter who went on the trip of a lifetime around the world have gone on to launch a bespoke vegan beauty brand – inspired by tribes they met in Mozambique and Peru. 

Marina Nubo and her daughter Irina Fedotova, 22, who both live in London, travelled to remote ends of Sub-Saharan Africa, South America and Asia making visits to native tribes living in each continent.

They soon discovered that each tribe had their own ‘unique culture, way of life and definition of beauty’ – and cared for their skin using totally natural sources.

Marina started her career as a health and beauty editor of a glossy Russian lifestyle magazine and already had an award-winning luxury skincare brand. 

But she decided to set up BIO-Extracts with her daughter when the duo realised their methods could be highly effective when combined with the latest in biotechnology, which Irina had studied at University College London. 

In just two years since their 2016 launch sales for the brand are this year are predicted to surpass £1million.

One of the duo’s products is directly inspired by a natural body paint people they met in Myanmar used to prevent acne and prevent sunburn.

Marina Nubo and daughter Irina Fedotova set up BIO-Extracts after being inspired following their trip to some of the most remote places in the world

They spent time with native tribes in Sub-Saharan Africa, South America and Asia who all used natural sources as part of their health and beauty regime. Pictured, a Shamanic ceremony experience in Sacred Valley, Peru

The two women set out on the first leg of their journey in 2014, heading to Myanmar, Laos, Singapore and Cambodia.

That was followed by trips to Japan, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana in 2015; Hawaii in 2016, and French Polynesia, Fiji, Japan, Australia, Peru and Amazonia in 2017.

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While on their adventure they soon grew accustomed to being cut off from the outside world, visiting places so remote they had no network coverage on their mobile phones.

Without access to advanced Western pharmaceuticals and products – many of the tribes the women met derived their skincare from natural sources. 

BIO-Extracts was born after the mother-daughter duo realised the effectiveness of plants as an active ingredient

Irina was able to explore some of the most remote parts of the world thanks to the trip which inspired her to launch the skincare line with her mother

Irina said of a fishing village she and her mother visited: ‘In Mozambique, we were shown how adding water to a certain plant instantaneously created a soap-like solution. 

‘During those moments we were able to interact with people who are not constantly attached to a data transmitting device that overloads them with information.

‘These people came from numerous tribes, each with their own unique culture, way of life and definition of beauty.

‘By observing the ways of these tribes, we realised that what all these people had in common was their welcoming and friendly nature, as well as their intimate relationship with the natural environment around them.’ 

The pair spoke with local tribes people who explained to them how they used ingredients from plants as part of their own remedies

Coming from a family of scientists, Irina chose to study bioscience at University College London and achieved a degree

She cited another example: ‘Whilst in a remote village along the Zambezi river we were taught how crushing certain combinations of plants together created “cough-medicine” or other medicinal treatments that have stood the test of time.’

In Peru, the pair had a Shaman ceremony experience in Sacred Valley, and learned  the ways of the ‘Jungle Pharmacy’ from the locals, who used different herbs and plants for medicinal remedies.

Marina said one of their current products, the ‘Clean to Clear Boost’, is ‘directly inspired’ by what they observed in Myanmar.

‘Just after landing we were surprised to see that all people, men and women, children, and the elderly, are were all covered with body paint and make-up,’ she recalled.

The pair were interested in using recipes they had learned on their travels combined with the latest in biotechnology 

Irina wanted to follow her mother into the beauty and skincare industry and working together was the next natural step

‘We were quickly told that this is Thanaka, and that generations of locals have used it because it answers all three major skin concerns in this country: sun protection, acne and skin lightening.’

Adapting the ingredient on their return home, they discovered that Thanaka has a close relative in Europe and the US – a willow tree whose bark is very rich in a form of natural aspirin.

What is BIO-Extracts technology and how does it work?

Using advanced biotechnology BIO-Extracts gets to the heart of the plants and harnesses the most beneficial active molecules that make a real difference to the skin.

Biotechnology allows the highest quality grade of isolation and purification of the molecules, safely and sustainably.

With bio-technologically produced active ingredients from plants, BIO-Extracts are able to enhance cosmetic products’ skin penetration and effectiveness, making formulas more concentrated and targeted to fight particular problems. 

Each of the 12 potent, ultra-strength Boosts in its product range target a specific skin concern.

Marina explained that it is great for the same skin problems – protection, exfoliation and anti-inflammation. 

‘The strong concentration of potent Willow Bark bio-extract within our Clean to Clear Boost helps clear pores, reduce breakouts and give clearer skin without peeling or sensitivity. 

‘The BHA, a natural form of aspirin provides gentle exfoliation ideal for sensitive skin.’ 

Biotechnology enables them to extract the key active molecules to ensure each of their products contains the highest possible concentration of active ingredients.

The Youth Capsule that is in each of their Boost serums, delivers high concentrations of the planet’s purest plant extracts

BIO-Extracts has formulated the delivery system using liposomes, tiny bubbles which carry the ingredients to the skin cells to ensure they penetrated deeply. 

While Marina admits that she and her daughter are very different characters, she said they’ve found working together has been surprisingly smooth sailing. 

‘Irina is not like the business partners I have worked with before. We could not be more different in our character,’ she explained.

‘After all, we were raised in different eras and in different countries, but that’s actually what makes it a great partnership. 

‘Having those differences is a beautiful thing, and it certainly makes the business more dynamic!’

Irina agreed: ‘Going into business with her was the logical thing to do. 

‘She’s a strong-willed business woman and a real role model who has always taught me the importance of being a strong-minded, independent woman. 

‘It’s great that she’s now my business mentor as well as my life mentor.’ 

The pair spent valuable time together and said that working together on their business has been plain-sailing 

BIO-Extracts Boosts are available for purchase from

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