Mother writes ‘moving’ note to court about her daughter’s adoption

Mother urges the family adopting her toddler daughter to ‘love her like I do’ in an ‘incredibly moving’ note – and wins praise from a judge for her ‘bravery’

  • Mother, from the UK, has mental health issues and wrote note to a court in Leeds
  • Judge Sarah Lynch said the unnamed woman made an ‘extremely brave decision’
  • Little girl is in foster care and her mother said she will ‘always love’ her daughter 
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A mother whose toddler is going to be put up for adoption has written an ‘incredibly moving’ note explaining that she will ‘always love’ her little girl no matter what.

The woman, from the UK, has mental health problems and penned the letter to the court in Leeds saying she hopes her daughter ‘gets all the attention in the world’ from her new family. 

The moving note read: ‘I will always love her, she is my daughter but I am doing this for her,’ the BBC reported.

Judge Sarah Lynch, who said she couldn’t begin to imagine the distress the mother had suffered, explained that she realised she wasn’t well enough to be the ‘mum she needed to be’ and praised her for making the ‘extremely brave decision.’ 

A mother with mental health problems has written to a court saying she will always love her daughter but understands why she must be put up for adoption (file picture)

Social services had asked the judge to make the decision regarding the girl’s future due to her mother’s long-term mental health difficulties.

The details of the emotive letter were revealed in a ruling following a private family court case. Both the mother and child’s names and ages haven’t been released.   

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The same publication also told of other heart-wrenching lines in the letter: ‘I feel incredibly sad about the situation but I know [she] is going to go to a family who will give her what I cannot. 

‘I am really sorry that it has come to this position but I know I am doing the right thing and I just want her to know that I love her and always will.’ 

The woman, who has not been named, said she hoped her daughter goes to a family who will give her everything she can not (file picture)

The distraught mother explained how she couldn’t always care for her little girl – who is currently in temporary foster care until a more permanent decision is made.  

Expanding on her reasoning, she explained that one minute she could care for her and the next she couldn’t, admitting that it wouldn’t be fair.  

Sadly, she also told the court that although she had visitation rights to see her daughter, she found the idea of saying goodbye at the end far too difficult.

She told the judge: ‘I have not had contact for some time now, not because I do not love [her], but because it is simply too hard for me to go and leave her again.’

The decision to remove the little girl from her mother’s care was made after social services said she would not be safe. There was not any other family members who could take the youngster at the time.   

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