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After complaining about January feeling like forever, the rest of the year has flown by and we’re somehow already in May. And you know what that means — it’s time to gear up for Mother’s Day 2018! What’s better than getting to spend a whole day pampering and celebrating the person in your life who you look up to most. Whether it’s your biological mother or someone who fills that role for you, Mother’s Day is an excellent excuse to shower someone with love.

When it comes to choosing a gift for this special person, it can be difficult to find the perfect item. You don’t want to give them the same thing for the third year in the row but you can’t necessarily shell out the cash for the gift you really want. Don’t worry for one more second because we rounded up 15 of the best Mother’s Day gifts that will leave your mama smiling on May 13 and beyond.

Bathtub Caddy, $49

Moms are superheroes, and every mom deserves some ‘me time’ in the form of a relaxing bath. The only bad thing about baths is that you can’t really do anything but sit and that’s not even a bad thing. With this super cute bathtub caddy you can give your mom the gift of relaxation and productivity.

This caddy has a metal arms that extend to fit across any size tub and has ridges to hold books, tablets, wine glasses, soap AND candles. The bamboo resists mold so this gift will last a long time, too!


Best Mom Ever Candle, $24.50

Not only does this three-wick candle smell super delightful but the message on it is just as sweet. Who wouldn’t want to have this aww-worthy candle displayed in their home? This Mother’s Day-inspired gift smells just like fresh-cut lilacs and will immediately make the whole house spell like spring.


Canon Ivy Printer, $129

If your mom is anything like ours, then she is constantly taking photos and pulling her camera out every time something remotely excited happens. The dog is asleep? She takes a photo. You and your sister show up to dinner wearing the same outfit? She takes a photo. Your dad spills his dinner on the floor? She takes a photo. This isn’t a bad thing, of course, but usually what happens is she has thousands of pics on her phone and no where to put them. That’s where the Canon Ivy comes in to play!

This portable printer allows you to print out pictures any time, anywhere, via Bluetooth. The best part is that you can customize your pic with frames, stickers and emojis before clicking print to truly make them unique. They even come with a peel-and-stick backing so any photo becomes a sticker instantly. How sweet is that?


Mother’s Day Gift Set, $24.95

We can’t get over how cute this gift box is! We love it’s a three-in-one deal and that everything inside goes together perfectly. It includes one natural soy candle, one stylish box of matches and one handmade bar of soap. When ordering, you get to choose among 23 candle scents and seven soap scents, so you have a lot of options!

This gift is especially good for the mamas with a green thumb. Each item is described as being vegan, plant-based, cruelty-free, 100% natural, chemical free and preservative free.


Raisin Card, $4.50

We’re honestly still laughing at this hilarious card. We will be the first to say that puns are the way to our heart, and we’re sure that any fun-loving mama feels the same way. We feel like Mother’s Day is always full of serious and sentimental notes, and while nothing is wrong with that, we think that this card will make the day even more memorable.

Not only is the pun a 10/10 and the illustrations super adorable, but there is still a cry-worthy message behind the fun. You’re thanking your mother for all she’s done for you and recognizing that you, a grape, will one day be like her, a raisin. This card is a serious must-have.


Handwritten Bracelet, $37+

You’re going to need to have the tissues ready when you present your mom with this thoughtful gift.

This bracelet allows you to give the gift of your exact handwriting for your mom to wear 24/7. You send the company a picture of your words or phrase and they replicate it into a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be cherished forever. You even get to choose among three different color finishes and customize the bracelet size so it fits your mama perfectly.


Confetti Carry-On Luggage, $135

We don’t think we’ve ever seen a piece of luggage that is so cute before! This Oh Joy! collaboration with Calpak has us wanting to plan a weekend getaway ASAP. There are a few different designs to choose from but we have to admit that we’re seriously crushing on the confetti.

Whether your mom is spending the weekend with her best friends at the spa or it’s a family trip to the beach, this carry-on is perfect for any and every occasion.

As cute as it is on the outside, the inside is just as sweet with rainbow stripes, three zippers and compartments and a removable clear pouch. It even has a TSA-approved lock and eight 360-degree spinner wheels. This gift is guaranteed to make your mom smile!


Mama Bear Mug, $13+

When it comes to Mother’s Day, you can’t go wrong by gifting your mom a super-adorable mug. Even if your kitchen cabinets are overflowing with mugs, this one is a must-have. Whether mama bear is a nickname you use or not, it’s impossible to not want to have this, just think of all the perfect Instagrams you can take in honor of the holiday!

This mug comes in four different styles to choose from and there are even matching papa bear mugs as well! They hold both hot and cold liquid and most styles are dishwasher and microwave safe, making it the perfect addition to a collection.


Mama Llama Necklace, $34+

This is the perfect gift for all the funny, jewelry-wearing mamas out there! We don’t think anyone would be able to resist wearing this hilarious necklace, especially because of how cute it is. This piece of jewelry comes in three different colors and gives you the choice of length so it can match your mom’s preference.

If for some reason you don’t want to have it say mama llama, the company will personalize it with whatever you want, which makes it extra special. You’ll be shouting mama llama around the house in no time!


Mama’s Recipes Box, $28+

This is the perfect prezzie for any mom who loves to spend her free time creating in the kitchen or even if she just loves to watch CHOPPED marathons on Food Network. Not only is this wood box design super cute, but it is big enough to hold all of your mom’s favorite recipes from delicious breakfasts to scrumptious desserts.

To make this gift even more special, you can customize it with her name or a family phrase that will definitely give you brownie points. You can go the extra mile by having your whole fam write down their fave recipe and already have the box full of yummy ideas when she receives it!


You Go Mama Enamel Pin, $12.98

It’s no secret that enamel pins have been the IT accessory of the year and it doesn’t look like they’re going away anytime soon. Moms never get enough recognition for all the hard work they do, but this pin could be a daily reminder about how awesome they are! Whether your mom puts this on her jacket, purse or keeps it in her wallet, it will be the perfect addition to her like and is guaranteed to make her smile every time she looks at it.


Rocks Box Subscription, $21/month

Have you noticed that moms love jewelry but can usually be seen wearing the same pieces over and over again? This monthly subscription box is seriously cool and is basically like Stitch Fix, but for accessories. For $21 a month you get three amazing pieces that you can keep for as long as you like. When you want a new box, simply return your entire set and you’ll be sent a new one. If you truly love a piece you can purchase it, with your $21 monthly fee being used as store credit.

We love this unique idea and that you can rent incredible designer jewels at such a low price and constantly have a fresh set to choose from. Your mom (and her jewelry box) will thank you.


Tea Drop Sampler, $34

What is it about moms and tea? Is it an unspoken rule that when you become a mom you automatically love tea or something? No matter the reasoning behind it, this tea drop sampler will have your mom heating up the kettle more than usual.

This awesome sample set gives you five dissolvable tea drops in different flavors. Your mom will get to taste test citrus ginger, blueberry acai, rose earl grey, sweet peppermint and matcha green tea. After she gets a taste of each one she can decide which one to buy a whole box of, how awesome is that?


Bright Cellars Subscription, $60/month

Although moms love tea, nothing rivals their love for wine, and with this awesome subscription box your mom can literally try it all! Bright Cellars created a delivery service that will send you four new bottles of wine for $60 a month, that’s only $15 a bottle!

When you first sign up, you take a quiz explaining your wine habits and your likes and dislikes and the team then figures out what wines you will like best. Each month you rate your wines so they can continue to send you the perfect drink.


Peony & Hyacinth Gift Set, $76

Have you ever wanted to send your mom away for a spa weekend but couldn’t afford it? This is a great way to let your mom feel like she’s sitting in the nicest aromatherapy spa room without the steep price tag. This candle and diffuser set has notes of peony, hyacinth, and ylang ylang, with touches of cedar, sandalwood and oak moss — how delightful does that sound?!

Just imagine how big your mom will smile when you set up a room in the house with this diffuser, a glass of wine and a good book! You will definitely earn some bonus points with this gift.


Keurig K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker, $169.99

If your mom is basically Wonder Woman who never gives herself time to relax then this is the perfect gift for you! It’s no secret that super moms need some serious caffeine but most of the time they don’t have time to sit and enjoy it, but that problem is gone with the Keurig K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker!

With this new Keurig, there are five brew sizes and even an iced beverage setting to make sure that your mom gets the exact coffee she wants. This gift is on the expensive side, but just think about all the money you’ll save by making coffee at home instead of making a trip to Starbucks.


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