Mrs Hinch reveals beauty hack to clean your makeup sponges involving a sock

Mrs Hinch is the queen of storage solutions, cleaning tips and all-round household genius but even she gets a bit stumped at times.

The mum-of-one was looking for a way to successfully get the make-up out of her Beauty Blender sponges and asked her followers for advice.

It seemed many came to her rescue as she revealed the most popular way she was advised to clean them was by popping them inside a sock sealed off with a hair bobble and placing them in the washing machine.

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Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, was on a mission to clean out her make-up drawer and earlier in the day had organised her brushes into small white baskets that she had bought from Poundstretcher.

She shared a snap of her dirty brushes and promised herself she would clean them as well as her sponges.

Putting on a load of washing, Mrs Hinch posted a picture of her placing the sock package inside too.

She explained in a caption: "One of the most popular answers guys was: Pop the beauty blenders into an old sock, tie with a hairband and chuck into the washing machine! So I'm gonna give it a go!"

After her washing was done Mrs Hinch was excited to see if the cleaning hack had worked and filmed herself unveiling the results with one hand.

"The wash load has finished guys! Never been so excited to get some ball out in my life!" she joked.

It was a success for Mrs Hinch as she pulled out four perfectly clean sponges and told her followers: "I'm impressed! Thanks guys."

The cleaning sensation then shared a before and after snap of the results before she headed to the supermarket with her son Ronnie.

Mrs Hinch's tip comes after she enjoyed a girl's night out with her new BFF Stacey Solomon at Dancing on Ice.

The duo, who became fast friends thanks to their shared love of keeping things tidy, went to watch Stacey's partner Joe Swash perform on the ice.

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The two women took a break from mummy duties for the night where they giddily sang along to tunes in the taxi on the way to the studios, and continued as they took their seats in the stands.

After their big night out the duo also shared similar smiling selfies where they posed in matching black tops and sported perfectly manicured nails and glam make-up.

Writing in the caption about her best pal, Mrs Hinch said: "When they try to pit you against each other but there’s no gaps here for your cruel wedges. Women supporting women is what it’s all about! Happy Sunday everyone."

And Stacey echoed her statement posting the same words with a snap of her friend.

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