M&S school uniforms ranked best in the UK while Lidl rated worst

Best school uniforms for 2022 revealed: M&S takes the top spot in the UK for the second year running while Lidl comes last again

  • A survey of school uniforms from different British stores revealed M&S is best
  • The survey compared price, fit, quality and adaptability for different needs
  • A price comparison from 2021 revealed almost everywhere has increased costs

M&S has once again been named the best British store for children’s school uniforms, a survey has shown.

British families have crowned the department store the best provider of school uniforms when taking into account price, quality and fit for the second year running – while the study shows uniforms have gone up in price almost everywhere.

As M&S enjoyed another year at the top, the last place remained the same with Lidl trailing behind competitors again in 2022.

MadeForMums ranked school uniform providers in the UK by the fit, quality and price of their products with M&S emerging a clear winner

Marks and Spencer came out on top as the best high street brand for selling school uniform

Lidl’s school uniform offering was ranked worst overall for the second year running

Meanwhile George at Asda was voted Best Value School Uniform by testers and Tu at Sainsbury’s came out on top as the best of all supermarket offerings.

The survey, carried out by MadeForMums, asked judges and families to try out uniforms for their school-age children from various different supermarkets. 

They were asked to compare how the uniforms fit their children, how they fared after being washed and how adaptable they were for different sizes and special needs. 

Researchers then asked 700 further families to comment on what they thought were the best value and quality school uniforms.

MadeForMums’ research found that almost 20% of parents spend around £100 on uniforms when their children start at a new school. 

Taking this into account as well as the rising cost of living, researchers also compared prices of uniform items in each store in 2022 and 2021.

Results showed M&S was still the most favoured British store for parents shopping for school uniforms with an overall rating of 8.55/10. 

Price comparisons of school uniforms from 2021 to 2022 showed almost all stores increased the cost of their items

Special mention was also given to Tu at Sainsbury’s, which won the accolade of best supermarket seller of school uniforms

The Best Value award went to George at Asda for its school uniform offerings

Coming in at a joint close second were Tu at Sainsbury’s and Next, which had an overall rating of 8.38.

While parents decided Next uniforms were a better fit, they agreed the Tu range was much better value for money.

Coming in just above Lidl was Gap – and while it didn’t come last, parents agreed overall its uniforms gave parents the least for their money.

MadeForMums also compared prices of uniforms in 2022 with the same study a year ago – with John Lewis ANYDAY and M&S being the only vendors to reduce the price of the items.

Parents shopping for their kids’ uniforms this year could make a saving of up to £4.50 in John Lewis and £3.40 in M&S compared to last year – whereas almost everywhere else has raised prices.  

However the total cost of uniforms in these stores are still far above their cheaper counterparts at around £17.

Although rated lower quality overall in the parents’ survey, a school uniform from Aldi costs just £4.63 for a polo shirt, sweater, trousers and socks. 

Susie Boone, editorial director of MadeForMums, said: ‘Pressures on household budgets means the challenge of where to shop for school uniform is being felt more than ever this year.’

She added: ‘Marks & Spencer was a worthy winner of Best High Street School Uniform with parents praising its “grow-proof” adjustable hems, designs for SEN and sensitivity needs, plus wash quality, fit and longevity.’

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