Mugshots shows VERY well-dressed men and women brought in by police

There were no crimes against fashion! Collection of mugshots shows the VERY dapper men and glamorous women brought in by police

  • Well-dressed men and glamorous women had their mugshots taken by police
  • They appear to have been brought into stations straight from black-tie events
  • Many of the men are seen in shirt and tie while the women wear elegant frocks 

From men in bow ties to women in ballgowns, this online gallery brings together some of the world’s most glamorous mugshots. 

The well-dressed individuals appear to have been brought to the police station straight from black-tie events, explaining their polished appearance. 

Many of the men are seen in crisp shirts, tailored jackets and patterned ties, with a handful finishing their look with eye-catching jewellery. 

Meanwhile the women look red carpet ready in their elegant dresses and blouses – complete with make-up and perfectly-coiffed hair. 

So while they might have had some trouble with the law, one thing is clear – it wasn’t for crimes against fashion.

Black tie ready: This woman was photographed wearing an elegant halterneck gown

Dapper: This smartly dressed man showed off his flair for prints with a patterned bow tie

Lady in red: This woman was elegantly dressed in a draped scarlet evening gown

Finishing touches: A striped tie and a pair of braces tied this man’s outfit together

Making a statement: An oversized corsage provides a counterpoint to a lemon yellow blouse

All dressed up: This man was brought into the station while heading out in a waistcoat 

Polished: This woman’s make-up look freshly finished and she didn’t have a hair out of place

Groomed: With his crisp maroon shirt and sharp red tie, this man looked ready for a night out

Glitzy: This woman appeared to have been partying in her sequined one-shoulder dress

Clashing prints: This man brought into the station wore a check shirt and printed bow tie

Monocrhome mugshot: This woman appeared to be practising her photo face in this shot

Confident: This man showed off his power stance as he took his position in front of the camera

Artistic flair: An elaborate shoulder piece added a dramatic touch to this red ensemble

Tailored: This man sported a classic combination of a striped shirt, bow tie and vest

White ruffles: Her blow dry still perfectly in place, this woman looked ready for a party 

Relaxed: This man felt confident enough to smile for the camera as the mugshot was taken

Dressed up: This debonair young man was snapped in his emerald green waistcoat and tie

Cocktail hour: This woman was unlikely to have thought this is where her night would end

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