Multiple Parties Battle For Charles Manson’s Estate

The estate of Charles Manson is set for a showdown between two written wills and his last known living relative.

TMZ reported Friday that a last will and testament had been located for the deceased killer written in 2002. The will, which is typed but contains Manson’s handwriting, disinherited practically everyone, including his known children, ex-wives, in-laws, lawyers, friends, prisoners, inmates, cops, guards, and the State of California.

It leaves all of his possessions to a pen-pal that started corresponding with Manson in the late 90s. The pair exchanged written letters and telephone conversations for two decades, with the pen pal occasionally meeting Manson in prison. Their first meeting was in February of 2002— just before Manson penned his will.

The will leaves all of Manson’s belongings to his pen pal, including cash, image rights, and clothing, as well as his “exclusive music catalog”. Manson was a musician for some time in the 60s, and even wrote the Beach Boys song “Never Learn Not to Love”.

The pen pal told TMZ that he started writing out of curiosity for the notorious criminal mastermind. After writing 50 letters with no response, Manson finally replied in 1997. The pair struck up a friendship and began exchanging letters over the years before finally meeting in 2002. The last time they spoke was Oct. 21, 2017, nearly a month before Manson’s death.

However, the New York Daily News reports that a second will has been located dated from January of 2017. This will names “son” Matthew Roberts as his main beneficiary. According to state law, the most recently written will would supersede any previous will written by Manson.

“Matthew and I will be there next week in person,” said Manson’s friend Ben Gurecki speaking to Daily News on Roberts’ behalf. “Charlie will be given a headstone, a proper burial where people will be able to grieve or deface it as they see fit.”

State law requires that the body be claimed within 10 days of death otherwise it is remanded to the state. Gurecki says that he and Roberts have an appointment on Tuesday to transfer Manson’s remains from the Kern County Coroner to Hillcrest Memorial Park, where he will be cremated before locating a suitable spot to bury his ashes.

Meanwhile, a third man claiming to be Manson’s grandson, Jason Freeman, has also stated he would like to retrieve Manson’s remains. A GoFundMe campaign to finance Manson’s funeral was taken down Thursday, but Freeman remained resolute in finding a way to avoid the state anonymously cremating his grandfather.

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