‘Mum at school invited me over for a "do" but it turned out to be sex party’

When a new mum at my son’s school invited me to a “bit of a do” at her house, I had no idea it was going to be a sex party.

My partner and I rocked up to find adult toys and bowls of condoms laid out on the dining room table.

My friend shoved pornstar cocktails in our hands and encouraged us to “get sloshed”.

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Then everyone sat around and started telling stories. I was told to reveal my most explicit sexual experience.

I made up something about an ex-boyfriend licking whipped cream out of my belly button and my partner glared at me in horror. He refused to join in and we made our excuses and left.

Now the friend is furious with me for completely spoiling the atmosphere. How does that work?

JANE SAYS: Wires were crossed. You thought you were going to a straightforward party and your pal had something spicier in mind.

Go back to her and ask if you can start again. Make it clear that you don’t care what she gets up to.

You don’t judge, but simply don’t need any more stress or bad feeling in your life.

Hopefully you’ll both be able to laugh and remain friends.

Agree with your partner that you’ll both be a lot more curious the next time an invitation arrives from a new mate.


My sister-in-law knows I’m buying reduced items and using food banks, but still expects me to host family parties and barbecues.

She’s angry I haven’t paid her back for Christmas. But I didn’t even want to go to her house for dry

turkey in the first place. How do I get her to understand that times have changed?

JANE SAYS: Tell your sister-in-law she’s more than welcome to pop round for a cup of tea, but the days of big blowouts are over.

Explain that life is tough for you. What you can’t do is spend more than you can afford or get yourself into debt just to please her.


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