Mum left in hysterics over awkward spelling mistake in daughter’s cute note

A mum was left in stitches after she noticed an awkward spelling mistake on her five-year-old daughter’s sweet note to her.

The parent admitted she had been left a little confused by her daughter's handwriting as she posted the note on Facebook.

The little girl had meant to ask was when her mum had first learned to ride a bike.

However, what she actually wrote was something very different.

The note read: “How old was you when you cud ride a dicke.”

Her mum saw the funny side, as she captioned the Facebook post: “Not everyday your five-year-old hands you a note like this.”

Other parents were left giggling over the innocent mistake too as the picture went viral – racking up more than 15,000 likes and thousands of comments.

One exclaimed: “So funny! The pain of getting the b and d the right way round.”

While another added: “Love it! I’m a teacher and have seen many many notes like this…… makes me smile every time.”

“I’m screaming. I literally couldn’t work out what she meant, and then I realised she meant bike,” a third chimed in.

Another note hitting headlines this week is a brutal one written by a woman to her neighbours after her TV was stolen.

The note read: "To the person who stole my TV.

"Bring it back and all will be forgiven. Otherwise, there will be no Christmas in this building. I will steal every single package.

"I will steal every mat and every trash can. I will engage in warfare until the day I move out.

"It's up to you, you broke b****. You have 24 HOURS."

Funnily enough within 24 hours of writing the message, she found the TV waiting for her outside her door.

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