Mum slammed for snap of baby’s manicure as some worry she’ll ‘claw eyes out’

A parent has been criticised online for giving her baby a “trashy” manicure and sharing the snap online.

The woman, who’s identity is unknown, posted a photo of her tiny son’s nails sharpened into almond-shaped talons.

The snap was then shared on Reddit where fellow mums and dads were shocked and appalled by the image.

Many questioned whether the baby was safe after the incident.

Commenting under the snap, one person said: “Would this count as child abuse or endangerment if the child hurt itself with these nails?

“It’s technically giving a child several sharp objects.”

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Another agreed with them and noted: “That baby could poke its eyes out, terrible parent.”

A third added: ““WTF?

“You are supposed to keep a baby’s nails trimmed so they don’t scratch themselves.”

While a fourth said: “Poor lil thing is going to scratch themselves!

“Right? This is truly awful,” replied another.

The NHS recommends keeping babies nails short to keep them safe.

On the website, it said: “Some babies are born with long nails and it's important to cut them in case they scratch themselves.

“You can buy special baby nail clippers or small, round-ended safety scissors.

“If you find the idea of cutting your baby's nails too nerve-wracking, you could try filing them down with a fine emery board instead.”

The mum was dubbed “trashy” by the group which has over 2.2 million members.

The r/Trashy subreddit is describes as a place for "trashy stories, trashy glamour, all things fake, plastic and downright trashy."

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