Mum’s miracle baby after having four miscarriages while trying for second child

A wife has defied the odds of becoming a mother again after suffering four miscarriages .

Sarah Carrick, 25, miscarried at nine weeks as she and husband Adam tried for a second child .

After falling pregnant again, the childminder delivered her baby at home at just 18 weeks, but the infant tragically did not survive.

Sarah had suffered a placental abruption and was told there was a one per cent chance it would happen again, so consultants were baffled when in 2017, she miscarried yet again.

Despite being referred to her GP, the woman suffered another miscarriage in February last year, Kent Live reports.

But Sarah, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, was overjoyed to welcome daughter Ari recently after an uncomplicated birth by C-section.

Specialists at Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research in London helped the young couple recover after their unimaginable grief.

Professor Shennan, at the clinic, insisted Sarah "would be a mum again" and arranged for her to have a cervical stitch.

"We owe so much to Professor Shennan and his team at Tommy’s Preterm Surveillance Clinic," the childminder said.

"Without their research and their care, my story would be so different.

"Tommy’s means the world to me, it’s been the difference between sadness and happiness."

In 2015, Sarah and Adam first became parents to Brodie, four, by emergency c-section after the umbilical cord was found wrapped around his neck four times.

Soon after, the pair got married and tried for their second baby.

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