Mum's 'very clever' hack to revive old veggies amid produce price hike

This VERY simple way to revive two-week-old veggies overnight is slashing the cost of mum’s grocery bill: ‘It looks brand new again’

  • A thrifty mum has revealed a hack that revives old vegetables in just a few hours
  • She simply soaks her vegetables in a bowl of water overnight to refresh them
  • The mum confessed that she revived a two-week-old cauliflower using the tip

A thrifty mum has revealed a simple hack that can revive old vegetables overnight as thousands struggle with fresh produce price hikes.

Caroline, from Queensland, was crestfallen to find a two-week-old unused cauliflower in her fridge.

‘Last night, I found an extremely floppy cauliflower in our second fridge,’ said the mum. ‘It was a couple of weeks old, but I then remembered a tip from from Flo Bjelke-Petersen.’

‘The tip was just to soak vegetables in water overnight to refresh them.’ 

A thrifty mum has revealed a simple hack that can revive old vegetables overnight as many are struggling with fresh produce price hikes

She was shocked to find that the life hack saved her from tossing a whole head of cauliflower.


What do you do with old vegetables?

What do you do with old vegetables?

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‘I gave it a go and woke up to fresh cauliflower!’ she exclaimed.

Caroline claimed she could not recommend the culinary trick more. 

‘If you find a vegetable that looks like it’s past using, soak it in water,’ she said. 

The mum-of-one shared her success with a popular Facebook group dedicated to economising, Simple Savers.

Her life hack was quickly shared across Facebook where many couldn’t believe how simple it was to revive old vegetables.

‘That’s very clever,’ said one woman. ‘They’re too dear to waste – and I think fresh fruit and veg prices might get worse again because of the flooding.’

‘This also works well for the vegetables you buy on markdowns because they’re nearing the end,’ said another.

Several shared similar hacks to prolong the life of other fruits and vegetables.

‘The soaking overnight trick works for carrots as well,’ said one woman. 

She added, ‘But I find if I peel and chop the ends off of my carrots and store them in a container in the fridge – they last so much longer.’

‘I cut the bottom ends off my celery and stand in cold water for a few hours, like a bunch of flowers, and they are nice and crisp again.’

‘I use veggies that look half dead to make the best soup,’ said a third. ‘Vegetable flavour is the best just before they are unusable!’

‘My daughter puts her strawberries in a jar in the fridge with some water inside it,’ revealed a mum. ‘She swears by it – no taste change at all!’

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