‘My flatmate is deliberately screaming during sex to make me jealous’

My flatmate has just got back with her ex-partner. Their frantic, grunting “make-up sex” is driving me mad.

I’m working from home and am sure she deliberately screams louder to make the rest of us feel jealous. I’ve not had sex for ages and feel resentful and annoyed.

JANE SAYS: Hold your nerve because this honeymoon period isn’t going to last forever. Surely, they’ll start to calm down and fizzle out soon?

The problem is she’s in such a loved-up state that she’s on another planet.

Ask her to think of others, but if she can’t, or won’t, then explain that you’ll be talking to the landlord or even looking for a new home.


AN attractive man has fallen in love with me.

He’s a house-husband. His daughter is in the same class as my seven-year-old. I’m a single mum.

We’ve progressed from getting a coffee after morning drop-off to sneaking back here for secret sex.

He’s funny and naughty and hates his career-driven wife.

Apparently, she effectively chopped his balls off after he lost his job in 2016. He insists I only have to say the word and he’ll leave home for me.

He’ll bring his daughter and we can all live as one, happy, blended family.

JANE SAYS: Insist this guy backs off. If he’s got trouble at home, then he needs to tackle his wife about how she treats him and the state of their marriage.

Stop having sex with him and stop sneaking around like a pair of fugitives.

There are children involved and they deserve better than this. What if this affair gets out and your kids are embarrassed at school?

I fear you will end up the loser.

If you’re looking for long-term love, then find someone who is available and doesn’t have an airport’s worth of baggage on his back.

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