My furious sister won't speak to me because our parents left me more money in their wills

Both mum and dad died recently. They left some cash to be split equally between me and my two sisters, but they left their house to me because 20 years ago I took over their mortgage to save them being repossessed.

I am 55, my husband is 59. We have always had well-paid jobs and no children so we could afford it.

My sisters knew about the will but one of them wants a bigger share of the cash.

My other sister says I should stick with what our parents wanted because of what I did for them years ago.

DEIDRE SAYS: Well, with-out you there would have been no house to leave to anyone.

I would stick to your parents’ wishes.

You could decide later to give some money to one or both of your sisters if you are more comfortably off than they are.

But it should be clear it’s your choice not their right.

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