My husband has been neglecting me and his sons since finding out he might have a daughter – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: A GIRL messaged my husband on Facebook saying he is her biological father. We’re now awaiting the result of a DNA test and I fear it will wreck our family.

He has no memory of her mother but this girl is the image of him. She is 22, he is 39 and I am 36.
I didn’t react well. I mostly felt jealous.

I’m his second wife and he already has two sons who are 14 and 16 and live with us.

My husband thinks I should be more supportive, but I struggle that now I’ve got to share him with yet someone else.

He’s so caught up with this “long-lost” daughter he can’t see that he’s neglecting his sons – and me.

DEIDRE SAYS: Say you two need a serious talk. Try not to leak jealousy and stay the grown-up.

Tell him his sons need his regular attention – and he should help them get to know their half-sister so they see she is not a threat.

Act the bigger person yourself and reach out to her – a child who grew up without knowing her dad – and you will feel stronger.

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