My husband spends six out of seven nights in the pub – only coming home when it’s closed | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY husband spends six out of seven nights in the pub. He’s only at home when it’s closed.

We are both 34 and I’ve always known that he likes a drink. 

Just like his dad, his home life revolves around the pub – but I don’t know anyone who drinks like he does.

A quiet night is five or six pints and I lose count of how much he drinks on a “proper night out”.

He says it’s his right to go and have a pint, but it is never just the one.

He has a night off when the pub closes on a Monday but that’s all. The kids and I are just left to our own devices virtually all of the time.

I am really getting sick of it now.

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DEIDRE SAYS: He has to want to cut down on alcohol for himself. You can’t make him.

Explain he’s missing out on quality time with the children and that when they’re grown up, all they’ll remember of these years is their dad being in the pub.

If nothing changes, find help through We Are With You ( for families and friends of people addicted to drugs or alcohol.

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