My internet lover was just in it for cash and now I'm all alone

DEAR DEIDRE: MY perfect partner turned out to be a conwoman, yet I miss her.

We met on Facebook and she told me she was a nurse with the United Nations in Afghanistan.

We chatted for hours and not only was she beautiful, she seemed lovely and thoughtful – not like other women I have been with.

I am 45 and divorced. She said she was 38 with no children.

After a few weeks she said she loved me, and even referred to me as her future husband.

Then she started asking for money and Amazon gift cards, and when I said “no” she cut contact.

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Even though I know I have been scammed, and have no idea who I was talking to, I feel bereft.

I miss our chats and realise how lonely I am.

DEIDRE SAYS: Right now you feel upset and hurt, but you have had a lucky escape.

It’s good you realised early on that this person was not to be trusted.

People like this prey on the lonely. My support pack Love Online explains the pitfalls of meeting online.

The best way to meet new people and potential partners is by having a mutual interest.

So check out clubs and socialising oppor­tun­ities. Have a look at

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