My sister-in-law is so possessive she won't let us see our brother

DEAR DEIDRE: BEFORE our childhood home is sold, my sister and I want our brother to join us for one final meal there.

We want to laugh, cry and reminisce together but my sister-in-law won’t let him come.

I’m 38, my sister’s 40 and my brother is 43. Dad died a year ago and we are in the process of selling the family home. Mum died 20 years ago.

The house is everything to us. It has been in our family for more than a century.

But my brother’s wife is very controlling and possessive. I know he won’t come because of her.

It will be nice with me and my sister but not the same. My brother will lose his temper if I talk to him about it. I don’t want to fall out with him over his selfish wife. It really hurts.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You share a loving bond with your brother. His wife is jealous and insecure of your closeness.

Your brother knows what his wife is like but for a quiet life he gives in to her, realising he will pay too big a price if he goes against her.

Painful though it might be, it would be better for you to accept there is not much you can do here.

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