My son, who abuses his wife and kids, had sex with a minor — what should I do? – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY son has been aggressive and abusive towards his wife and sons. I’m his mum but don’t know what to do.

He is 26. It came to a head when my daughter let him join them on holiday to her apartment in Spain. He drank loads and was rude to her.

His wife then told me that he has hit their sons, who are six and three, and taken naked photos of her asleep.

He also had sex with a local underage girl.

His uncle abused him from the age of ten to 14 and went to prison.

My son has been offered counselling but refused to go.

DEIDRE SAYS: It is very sad if your son has been damaged by his uncle’s abuse but this doesn’t excuse him abusing children now and you and your daughter-in-law shouldn’t risk your grandsons’ well-being or the safety of other children in order to protect him.

If he is abusing children, you must report him. Talk to the NSPCC urgently (, 0808 800 5000).

Tell your son you understand how painful his memories are but urge him to talk to Stop It Now! (, 0808 1000 900).

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