Natural trick named ‘best thing ever’ for shiny hair overnight

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Waking up with shiny, healthy hair might seem like the thing of dreams, but a viral TikTok trend promises just that. The trend, known on TikTok as “hair slugging” sees the application of natural oils to the hair before heading to bed.

Once morning comes, users say you will wake up to gorgeously glossy locks.

TikTok user Monique Rapier (@Moniquemrapier) is a hair and beauty influencer with 300k followers on Instagram and over 433k followers on TikTok. She described the hair hack as “the best thing ever”.

In a video, which has currently amassed 39.7k likes, Monique shows how to do the hack at home with nothing more than some natural hair oil and a sock.

She said: “Say goodbye to split ends. Start by applying a lightweight oil to the ends of your hair only [then] brush through.

“Grab a fuzzy or silk sock. Pull the sock over the bottom half of your hair to protect it from damage and friction while you sleep and secure with a scrunch.”

According to Monique, you can expect results as soon as the next morning. Similarly, beauty influencer Abbey Yung (@AbbeyYung) also showed the hack on her TikTok page.

She said: “I’ve been doing this once a week for a couple of years now and it’s made such a difference in the shine and overall health of my hair so I definitely recommend it.”

Hair slugging is not a new thing though, and in fact, has been practised by women around the world for many years.

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Speaking to HudaBeauty, hairstylist Philesha Stern, a natural hair specialist and founder of Boujee Curls, explained: “Hair slugging is actually a common practice in African, African American, and Indian cultures for many centuries.

“Similar practices stretch all the way back to the ancient African women from Chad, who used ‘Chebe powder’ as a deep moisture treatment.”

The hair slugging technique has also been used in many Asian cultures and across the Caribbean. While natural-based hair oils are recommended, there are a number of other everyday oils you can use, including argan oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil.

Ghanima Abdullah, a haircare expert and a spokesperson for noted that baby oil might also do the trick.

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She explained: “We’ve always been told that natural oils like coconut, almond, and argan oils are best, but what happens when their prices go up? Enter baby oil.

“According to a new study published in the latest International Journal of Trichology, mineral oil increases tensile strength better than natural oils. Try the hair slugging trend on TikTok.

“Leaving the baby oil on overnight means it will seep into the hair strands better. It will thicken the diameter of the hair, making it physically stronger and less prone to snap. And it costs several times less.”

However, you should be careful not to test the trend too often. Experts from Huda Beauty say it should only be done “every once in a while”.

To maintain soft, healthy hair throughout the week, Jason Collier, A-List hairstylist and Bblonde Brand Educator suggested cutting down how often you are washing and making sure to use conditioning products.

He said: “To retain optimal moisture levels and keep your hair in silky smooth condition without gimmicks, I recommend washing it no more than three times per week, and using a ‘plex’ treatment once per week.

“These treatments use bond technology to strengthen the hair, smooth, add vitality, protect colour, and reinforce overall hair health.”

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