Never waste an overripe avocado again – ‘anti-ageing’ recipe

A perfectly ripe avocado is hard to come by, and oftentimes it feels like they go brown within a matter of hours. A video by Metabolic Living demonstrated how avocado lovers can get the most out of their fruit even when it’s slightly overripe.

Nutritionist and Recipe Developer Bella Grace shared how to use your overripe avocados to create the perfect face mask.

She stated that she “absolutely loves avocados”, and will often buy them a little underripe so she can leave them for a few days before eating.

However, “before I know it I pop off to read a book or go to the loo or do something and I come back and they’re brown, disgusting, mushy and I don’t know what to do with them”.

Bella’s solution to overripe avocados is not actually food – although it is edible – but a face mask.

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She explained that she uses an avocado face mask once a week for “smooth skin” and to prevent acne.

She also praised its hydrating qualities and called the whole process “fun”.

While an avocado may not be in perfect shape to spread on toast or pop in a salad, that does not mean it belongs in the bin.

Bella’s method means avocado lovers can save quite a bit of money overtime, as we all know avocados aren’t cheap.

For Bella’s face mask, you will need one quarter avocado of an avocado, mashed; one teaspoon of yoghurt (no sweeteners) and raw honey.

The expert suggested that Manuka honey, praised for its skincare benefits, is even better than using raw honey.

As for the skin benefits of avocado, using avocado in a face mask can work to moisturise the skin, according to Misumi Skincare.

Not only this, using avocados on the skin can help fight inflammation and clear excess oil.

Bella explained that Manuka honey is particularly good for the skin and is antimicrobial, meaning it kills microorganisms such as bacteria or mould.

According to a blog called Manuka Doctor, Manuka is anti-inflammatory, meaning it can help soothe red, irritated skin.

The blog also claims that it is an anti-ageing ingredient, full of natural antioxidants that help ward off damage caused by free radicals, for example the appearance of wrinkles.

Bella’s avocado face mask shouldn’t take any more than one minute to make.

She firstly placed the mashed avocado to a bowl, before adding the yoghurt and honey.

Making the face mask is as easy as mixing all three ingredients together with a spoon.

Bella stated: “I think sometimes we limit what we can do with foods in the kitchen. But actually there’s absolutely no reason why we can’t use these products on our skin as well.

“Your skin is the body’s largest organ so what you put on it really matters.”

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