This New Device Creates Secure Wi-Fi For Everyone, Anywhere

Wouldn’t it be nice to have secure Internet access anywhere and anytime you needed it? WifiWall has created a product that will detect malicious or suspicious activity, display an alert, send a message to your phone and terminate your connection to the hazardous Wi-Fi network all without you doing a thing.

As the world changes and people are ever-increasingly on the go, public Wi-Fi is going to become, not just the norm, but critically important in society. That said, the risk with public Wi-Fi, at least in many places today, is that it’s not all that secure. For those of us who access the Internet while at restaurants so we can Instagram photos of our food, or at airports so we can share moments with our friends as we take off to new and exciting destinations, each social media post or session to get online is susceptible to predators who would love to access our information and do all sorts of harm to and with it.

A recent study by the global cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab took a look at 32 million public hotspots and discovered that one-quarter weren’t secure and as much as 28 percent of those public domains had non-existent or outdated encryption. What made things worse is that of the networks that were secure, still faced safety issues. In short, people are exposed to a “devastating attack.”

Despite those alarming statistics available to the everyday user, people still go online with little relative concern for the safety of the information they make available to hackers. One in five people did online banking and more than half logged into their emails or social media accounts. But, because security features that might help Internet users are often tricky to use, they don’t bother to get additional protection. WifiWall is going to help those people.

WifiWall is a miniature hardware device that constantly monitors all traffic on whatever network you’re connected to. If a threat is detected, it will alert and get you out of danger. All you have to do is pair WifiWall with your wireless device via Bluetooth and the device will do the rest. WifiWall requires no software, no subscriptions, no cords and no installations of any kind.

Simply turn it on and WifiWall will monitor whatever you’re doing online. The battery will last all day and when it’s low, slide it onto a docking station and you’ll be ready to go again in the morning.

Will this solve every problem ever known to Internet users? Probably not. But, if you can finally have public Wi-Fi security as easy as pairing a set of headphones and for as little as $99, why would you not take advantage? WifiWall’s launch on Indiegogo has well exceeded the original ask of $30,000 and it appears many users seem to agree it’s about time they make sure their surfing online is secure.

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