New girlfriend found out I was a male stripper and wants me to perform for her friends | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN I told my new girlfriend I was a male stripper, she arranged a party so all her friends could have an ogle at me naked.

Now I wish I hadn’t been honest about my job.

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I’m 26 and have always been proud of my body. I work out and am in good shape.

I’ve been working as a stripper since I was a student, both at big events and for private parties.

I enjoy it and it brings in extra money.

My new girlfriend is 23. We met online and have been seeing each other for a month.

She knew I worked in a call centre – my day job. But the other night I came clean about the stripping.

She was taken aback at first, but then she seemed to warm to the idea.

But now she’s invited all her friends round so I can perform for them.

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It’s making me feel like I’m a piece of meat.

Should I just go through with it?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Never do anything to keep someone else happy if it makes you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

It’s clear you’re not on board with this, and you have every right to say no to her.

Make it clear to your girlfriend that this crosses a line for you.


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Ask her how she would feel about her friends commenting on your body or wanting to touch you.

You could suggest a private performance just for her, instead.

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