NHL Star T.J. Oshie Tearfully Honors His Dad Battling Alzheimer's While Celebrating Stanley Cup Win

As NHL star T.J. Oshie soaked in the Washington Capitals’ first-ever Stanley Cup championship win, his thoughts turned to his dad, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2012.

The Capitals right winger, 31, gave an emotional tribute to his father, Tim, as he talked to reporters following the game.

“My dad’s here in the crowd. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. And he doesn’t remember a lot of stuff. But you bet your ass he’s going to remember this one,” a teary Oshie told CBC’s Scott Oake.

The father of two blotted away tears again as he promised NBC Sports’ Jeremy Roenick the same.

“This one will stick with him forever. You can guarantee that,” Oshie said.

Shortly after, Tim joined Oshie on the ice so the father and son could lift the prized Cup together.

Oshie said that his father, who was his first hockey coach, was his biggest supporter through his hockey career.

“To have him here is amazing,” Oshie said, according to ESPN. “He doesn’t travel very well, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get him out all playoffs. It was kind of a perfect storm to get him with my aunt and sister out from Seattle.”

The Capitals’ Stanley Cup win is the first in their 44-year-long history. In five games, they defeated the Vegas Golden Knights, with Thursday night’s game ending with a score of 4-3.

Oshie raises money each year for Alzheimer’s research, and spoke about the need for a cure during a 2014 interview.

“We have nothing right now as far as getting rid of it. With all the medicines and all the doctors in the world, I think it’s something that hopefully we’ll be able to stop — and get rid of sooner than later,” Oshie told ESPN. “So that’s why we talk about it, that’s why we’re open about it. Maybe not soon enough for my dad or for me, if that happens to be the case eventually down the road, but hopefully for my kids and my grandkids.”

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