Noah Beck Reacts to Sasha Obama's Viral TikTok Dance Debut (Exclusive)

Praise from Caesar.

Sasha Obama will probably never be hard up for a job — and another one at Sway House might have just opened up for her.

Noah Beck wasn’t even aware the President’s daughter had infiltrated his medium, but he was certainly impressed by what he saw.

The TikTok star had just finished working out with his crew at Dogpound in WeHo on Tuesday night when he was asked what he thought about her viral dance debut… and he was oblivious.

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“Come on Noah!” his friends jeered when it became apparent the 19-year-old had missed Barrack’s youngest bopping to Popp Hunna’s “Adderall (Corvette Corvette)” with her pals in a (since deleted) TikTok.

But when asked if he was nervous about such big celebs moving in on his territory, he insisted he was quite the opposite.

“Worried? No I’m excited people are joining!” he beamed.

Noah then watched the 15-second clip for the very first time — and he was was genuinely impressed.

“Does she have her own content house? Or this is friends?” he inquired, before rating her skills a definitive 11 out of 10.

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Noah also revealed a little bit about his Christmas spending plans, insisting he was under no pressure to buy big pressies despite making shedloads of cash.

‘Splurging? No I’m just gonna do what’s from my heart… I’m gonna get my family a nice gift, that’s what I’ve been saving for,” he said. “It’s family, whatever comes from the heart, comes from the heart.”

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He refused to divulge what he was getting for his mom, however, adding: “It’s a secret.”

Unfortunately for Noah’s family, the TikTok superstar will have exactly $59 less to spend on them this year, after getting his very first LA parking ticket.

Although he knew parking was only 30 minutes max, he still parked there anyway “cause it was close to where we were working out”… as walking a few extra minutes to the gym was presumably too much exercise for one day.

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