Not sold your property? These top tips could help get your home sold

Can’t sell your property? Seven top tips to hook in buyers and get your home sold for the price you want

  • Estate agents reveal their top tips to help get your property sold
  • They include removing any net curtains and fixing any cracks in the walls
  • And don’t forget to make sure the property ‘smells fresh’, advises estate agents 

If your property has been on the market for a while, you may be starting to give up hope that it will ever be sold.

Concerns about Brexit and uncertainty about the economy means some buyers are holding off on their purchases, leaving some properties on the market for months on end. 

Additionally, it can be argued that in some cases, homes are being listed for unrealistic prices.  

But don’t despair as help as it at hand. Estate agents have revealed their top tips to help not only get your property sold, but for the best possible price.

Estate agents recommend making sure your property is presented in a clean and tidy way if you want to sell it

Mark Bentley, from NAEA Propertymark – the professional body for estate agents – said: ‘The house-moving process is undoubtedly stressful, so it’s important to know what could add value to your home and what might detract or even completely put off potential buyers.’

And yet he went on to warn that some of the changes that homeowners make to a property can be less attractive to buyers than they think.

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He said: ‘Before you start marketing your home, it’s worth taking stock and make any necessary alterations to give you the best change of securing your asking price.’

Here, we list seven top tips from NAEA Propertymark to help find a buyer for your home. 

 1. Over personalisation

Modestly-decorated homes are most desirable to buyers, according to estate agents.

It means preparing your house for sale might require redecorating if your personal taste is particularly colourful or bold – and consequently unlikely to appeal to the majority of buyers.

NAEA Propertymark explains that homeowners need to see how their own belongings would fit into the space, and how they could make it their own home.

2. Condition of property

Evidence of damp, cracks in the walls, a roof in poor condition, an old boiler and single-glazed window can all have an impact on how much buyers are willing to spend, according to NAEA Propertymark.

If a property is not in good condition, it will limit the number of interested buyers as there will be some people who only want somewhere that is ready to move into.

This can be for a host of reasons, be it they don’t have the time to spend addressing the issues or they may not have the money needed to be spent fixing them.

Any damage or unfinished work should be fixed before the property is put on the market 

3. Bad presentation

Making sure your property for sale is presented in its best possible light is key if you are going to get the value you want out of it.

Everything should be clean, clutter tidied away, and any outstanding DIY jobs should be finished.

NAEA Propertymark claims that a home has a greater chance of selling quickly if it ‘smells fresh’ and is clean.

A few adjustments to the presentation may be all it takes to get a property sold

4. Swimming pools

Having a swimming pool might seem like an attractive addition to a property, especially for friends and family who visit during the summer.

However, they can be an issue when it comes to selling your home, warns NAEA Propertymark.

This is because they can be expensive to maintain, use up a lot of space and they often can’t be used that often due to the poor British weather.

As such, if your property for sale has a swimming pool, it may be worth consider filling it in.

Alternatively, if the swimming pool is in good condition, it may be beneficial to delay the sale of your home until the summer when you can show it off when it is looking at its best in warmer weather.

Swimming pools can put off buyers as they can be expensive to maintain and use up space

5. Planning permission and building regulations

Any extensions or conversions to your property will have required the appropriate planning permission and building regulations.

Make sure you have these documents available to reassure buyers that the work was carried out properly.

NAEA Propertymark suggests paying for these documents retrospectively if you don’t already have them.

6. Darkened rooms

Graphite grey may be the one of the most popular colours in interior design but it may not be so effective when it comes to selling your home.

Nine times out of time a bright and airy property will be worth more than a dark and dingy one, NAEA Propertymark has revealed.

But it is not only about the paint colours as overcrowded bushes and trees close to the windows, frosted glass windows or netted curtains can have the same effect of making a property feel less spacious than it really is.

7. Japanese knotweed

The two words ‘Japanese knotweed’ can set off alarm bells among clued-up homebuyers.

The invasive plant can damage the foundations of your home and significantly devalue it if it is at risk of subsidence as a result. 

NAEA Propertymark urges anyone who believes they can see any of the plant in their garden to call a professional to excavate it.

Japanese Knotweed can damage the foundations of your home if left untreated

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